The Psychology of Left Wing Violence and the Media Enablers.

Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.”  Sigmund Freud

Face it; all of us have fanaticized about doing something really evil to a person who has committed an injustice against us.  That is natural. However, in most cases it remains a thought only played out on a stage within our minds. It does not translate to action. And that is what allows us to survive as a civilization, the repression of our instinct to lash out in defense of ourselves or something we believe in. Yet it appears with all the incidents of left-wing zealots attacking conservative men, women and children, sometimes employing lethal means, that some people have transcended thought to deed. So what is responsible for this? Maybe the very institutions that are entrusted to safeguard our societal order in the first place – let’s call them the dam keepers.

The traditional dam keepers in society are the family where we learn what is acceptable or not, education which reinforces those values at the communal level, religion which provides a framework of consequences here and hereafter if we violate moral guidelines and finally media which transmits both what we should believe within the context of our society, as well as entertainment which should show us what happens when people violate norms. Traditionally all tended to, as Freud would say, teach us to use words rather than violence against those we disagree with, but that has changed.

In my most recent novel, “The Destiny of Our Past” (link to book here: ) the prophet Noah is presented as having grown up in the elite, but rejected the society and its decadence.  Being a member of the bloodline he cannot be killed, however the elite instead present him within documentaries, films and in schools as an example of a crazy adherent to his religion. He is mocked, lied about and laughed at, as are his followers, until events begin to threaten the hold the elite have on the society.  I suspect that is how it was back in his day…and as it seems history repeats itself.  The elite feel their position is threatened by people like Trump and his supporters and that is why the dam is being allowed to erode.

You see, this analysis is not an attack on liberal-minded people. I believe most have a high level of wanting to see fairness in society. And while I may take issue with some of their ideology and methods, most are people who would help you if your car is stuck in the mud or you need to borrow medicine for your sick child at 3am. However, there is an element of what can only be labeled the far left that generally takes the notion of “the personal is the political” to the extreme.  They judge people on how they believe and thus can be labeled as modern-day totalitarians. If you don’t see the world their way they will make you see it their way, or else. 

These people have psychological issues that can involve feeling neglected or abused at home, being shunned in school and failing at personal goals. A way to deal with this can be gravitating to extreme political views that portray the reason for their unhappiness as the very institutions of society itself. Often, fairly or not, they blame religion, traditional family structures and the free-enterprise system as the source of their neurosis as each are seen as preserving the status-quo.  They are able to project their inner demons onto symbols, ideologies and people who symbolize those ideologies. This may explain why, if you are a mother or father and a graduate student in university, and you take your child to campus, you can feel the negative vibes focused on you when you walk by a student office or display table staffed by left-wingers. The stares directed at you are not really personal, heck they don’t even know your political beliefs, but with a child you represent a system (the family) and they see it as oppressive and something to stand against. So if you are a woman with that child they may see you as a victim of the patriarchy, and if a man you victimized a woman by putting a ring on her finger and getting her pregnant.

So while the personal is political they do not see persons in the individual context. You may as well have an enemy uniform on when you encounter them. You are everything wrong in their lives and you make them angry.  

Of course these people have existed in the USA for decades. However, the dam keepers always reinforced the ideas that politics is the game to win at, and that democracy the tool.  However, in recent months the media in particular has demonized Trump and his supporters to a degree unheard of in American politics.  And as you create the ultimate villain then it goes to reason that measures must be taken to stop this threat.  So as the dam cracks the dam keepers look down upon the people in its potential path with distain as they too dislike these threats to their ideal social order.  In fact they practically invite the inevitable destruction as they kick at the barrier every time they either present the idea that Republicans (and like-minded people) are the enemy or when violence takes place and it is ignored, excused or even blamed on the victims themselves. 

Of course the dam keepers in the media are not the only forces in society, but as religion has been relegated into the corner and academia enables the left through banning conservatives from sharing their views, the media could play the key role in calming the political climate down – but for whatever reason they have not.  And as the sanctions against violence erode, and primitive energies and discontentment are released, the result may well be violence met with violence that could escalate into a Syrian-style civil war. Freud warned that the thread that holds civilization together and prevents barbarism is a fine one, and once it breaks it would be akin to Pandora’s Box; you just can’t put it back together again.

So here we are at a crossroads. We can either go full-on “Walking Dead” or we can try to work together to create what I believe the vast majority of Republicans and Democrats want – a safe country where people can work towards happiness and enjoy freedom.  Yet I keep seeing signs that more and more people are expecting something apocalyptic; and while it might not involve flesh-eating zombies, it would be a far worse reality.

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  1. Facebook says sorry cant share. Facebook is a liar and zuckerman is scum

  2. I'm fully on board with the "walking dead" reference. I've long believed that the popularity of the zombie is a reaction on the part of decent, productive people to the burgeoning recipient class; Mitt Romneys' 47%, if you will. The anger of the former is justified and understandable. At a certain point, "Lucille" starts lookin' MIGHTY fine! "Awesome," in fact!


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